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Apart from the smell of puppy breath and baby hair. What smells better than a brand new planner?

It’s always a delight, particularly with the delicious scent of leather, freshly printed paper, and the potential.My current planning is on how to take Arkansas forward.

Arkansas has seen a significant improvement in recent times.We’ve moved our most polluted coal-fired power plants to retirement and are seeing huge investment in renewable wind and solar power that will provide electricity to our state.A large number of Arkansans are employed directly or indirectly in jobs that are related to renewable energy sources.This is great news for our community and the birds which the Audubon Delta is trying to safeguard.

If you peek at my agenda, here’s my list of goals of what I would like to see in Arkansas for 2022:

A commitment to be truthful

It is evident that a lot of issues and mishaps in our country stem from fraud.Although we’ve long accepted at least a little exaggeration in our politics the dishonesty of recent times has become so obvious that it has a negative impact on our ability to address the issue of climate change.Accepting the fact that climate changes are real would allow us as a group, to take action to develop policies and practices that address the issue.

Being adamant that a healthy and safe environment is an issue that is not partisan

In the end, everyone is looking for clean air, clear water and healthy forests.We want and require these things regardless of the political party we support.There are numerous legitimate issues that intelligent people from various political parties might disagree with however we all agree on the necessity to have a clean environment.Unfortunately many of our political leaders have created and exploited divisions that shouldn’t be, to their own advantage and the benefit of polluting businesses.In 2022, we must encourage our politicians from all backgrounds to work together in support of environmental solutions and resist being falsely divided.

Clean and fair policies and practices

Arkansas is home to one of the best green energies policies across the nation and has a nationwide model of “net meters” rules that permit the solar industry to offer unutilized power back to utility for.a full retail price.These policies were fought hard and remain challenged by utilities who want their cancellation or by power cooperatives that are putting up barriers to Arkansans who would like solar power for their homes and business.They can’t last.A frenzied use of green energy can save taxpayers money, creating jobs that pay well in Arkansas as well as decreasing the amount of air pollution in Arkansas.In 2022, I’d like Arkansas electric co-ops and utilities to completely adopt renewable energy for all and put aside misguided efforts to slow the deployment of clean energy.

Eliminate unjust registration fees for hybrid and electric vehicles

Transportation is currently the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions across the United States.We should encourage cleaner cars, but we are currently considering hundreds of dollars of additional registration costs for electric and hybrid vehicles.The idea of penalizing Arkansans to make a car decision that is less polluting for everyone else is not a good idea.The state has been installing hundreds of charging stations for electric vehicles throughout the state, however we should remove one of the most expensive electronic and hybrid registration costs in the United States seriously.

A commitment to creating fair and equitable communities.

Over the years polluted power plants have had a negative impact on the public’s health and quality of air in minority and underserved communities.They have been the ones who bear the brunt of the pollution and illness caused by gas and coal power plants.As we look toward a cleaner energy future for Arkansas and the state of Arkansas, we must make to make a conscious action to see that the affected communities are now reaping these benefits from this shift.It will mean well-paying work and lower electricity costs and cleaner air for healthier residents.

In the past few times, Arkansas’ clean energy portfolio has increased exponentially.We’ve got thousands of megawatts of solar energy that are being installed in large numbers and there’s more to come as well as our utility companies are also importing an enormous amount of low-cost wind power as well.By 2022, we can put in an effort to bring communities in need of assistance at the forefront for the advantages of clean energy.

When you open this lovely planner at Christmas I’d like everyone to think together and in a deliberate manner, how we’ll make The Natural State live up to its name and future potential.We can help move Arkansas forward but we must take action.Let’s create 2022 as the year that when everything is in place.

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