[Webinar] How to integrate online and offline: the story of Arhaus


Knowing that buyers abandon websites more often than they buy, furniture company Arhaus had to connect with buyers to drive sales and growth for its 12-month roster. By implementing a digital identity solution, Arhaus was able to recognize products that were viewed or packaged, create an audience with mailing addresses, and then send them a physical catalog. The results speak for themselves: Arhaus was able to create new target lists, which achieved 46% better results in terms of responses and 63% better results in dollars.

What you will learn in this session:

  • How Arhaus identified website visitors – both existing buyers and prospects – who dropped out, retargeted them with online media, and gave them a direct mail experience
  • Capture and apply customer interests to inform the customer journey through retention and reactivation marketing strategies
  • Create actionable audiences of prospects and buyers who view or purchase products to improve acquisition efforts
  • Complete the lead records in your merge-purge with incremental names.

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Christine parish joined Arhaus five years ago as Director of CRM, successfully creating a data-driven marketing culture and continuously implementing new innovative programs. Christine started out in direct marketing at Williams Sonoma before moving to Restoration Hardware to implement the company’s first direct marketing initiatives. She is passionate about the consumer experience and evangelizes the use of data to inform marketing efforts.

Jose cebrian is Senior Vice President, Marketing Strategy at Merkle, where he helps companies leverage consumer insights to develop marketing plans across digital and addressable channels. He came to Merkle after spending nine years at Acxiom, where he became Managing Director, Global Client Services for Digital Impact, Acxiom’s Email and SMS division. Jose led a global team responsible for optimizing interactive direct marketing campaigns across web, email and mobile devices.

[Webinar] How to integrate online and offline: the story of Arhaus

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