Tarot Card Reading Online: Best Tarot Readers Can Help With Questions About Love, Career and Life.


With the dynamics of modern life, many people find comfort and hope from having a tarot reading performed for them. The ups and downs, stresses, and pressures of life can make the future seem uncertain and worrying. Not knowing the outcome of future events and the responsibilities people are charged with, can cause grief, instability as well as sadness. These types of negative emotions can weigh people down and result in more stress and instability.

Tarot card reading provides a wonderful external source for assurance for a full range of future activities and actions. Whether a person’s concern is about personal growth, career opportunities, finance, settlements, love or relationships, marriage, education, or other stress factors in general life, tarot card reading helps. It provides hope and reassurance as well as a nudge or idea of the right direction to follow.

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Online tarot card readings are very popular, and although they don’t tell the future, the talent and technique of the person doing the reading, the order the cards fall in, and other factors allow those involved to glean a glimpse of a person’s possible reality. This can help relieve stress and worry as well as give peace of mind to those that are having the reading done. The reading can help a person sort through all the internal clutter that causes confusion and emotional stress. It helps a person and allows them to focus and find a balance.

Online tarot reading sites offer these advantages:

  • They are available from anywhere at any time with access of internet connection, by contacting them from your smartphone or any other online device.
  • You will only find experienced and certified psychics, so you know you’re getting the best possible professional service.
  • Online tarot portals have a variety of psychics with different specializations, so you can match them to your particular requirements.

To make it easier for you to find the tarot card reader that best matches your requirements, we have listed the top three sites for 2021 below. They offer fast live tarot card reading.

Top 3 Tarot Reading Sites

Kasamba – Offer all their clients exquisite customer service

A popular site for those who are looking for love or romantic tarot card readings, they offer great customer service. The first three minutes are free. They have over 100 fully trained, certified, and expert psychics available for you to choose from.

MysticSense – A range of fully certified, experienced, and trusted psychic readers

This site provides very good value from all their services, with a large group of fully qualified psychics offering reading on very specific specializations and categories. They also offer video chat.

AskNow – Highly skilled readers, excellent service

They provide their clients access to hundreds of skilled and highly qualified psychic readers with a range of fully reviewed profiles to help you choose the best one for you. They cover all areas and subjects for expert tarot readings online.

Kasamba – The Best Customer Service

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Kasamba is one of the most popular online tarot reading sites for romance and relationships. The talented Kasamba psychic advisers are consistently good at providing readings to help with new relationships as well as established relationships that need a little help. They also offer matchmaking services, cartomancy reading, angel card reading and a host of other services for those with romance on their minds. They are great at helping people solve their problems and have a “customer comes first” policy, ensuring your needs are met without compromise for all tarot readings.

Kasamba has an easy-to-use interface. On the main page, you will find all the different psychic advisors they have available. This helps you quickly pick one to suit the subject or specialty you’re looking for. Kasamba services are available on iOS and Android devices, so it’s easy to find and use their top of the line tarot reading services.


  • All the psychics on Kasamba are fully screened to ensure you receive only the best and most competent readers.
  • You can see the activity levels of their psychics, both on and offline.
  • The first 3 minutes of each call are free. Visitors can start their reading and if satisfied, have the option of arranging payment and completing their reading.
  • First-time users get a 70% discount on their first call, on top of the free 3 minutes.
  • Established users are offered a 15% discount on many selected services.
  • A unique best match guarantee when using Kasamba allows users to have the option of a new call with a different psychic adviser if they are not completely satisfied with the first 3 minutes of their call.
  • Clients can leave a personalized review or rating. This feedback helps others find the right match for their particular queries or needs.
  • They provide good value, as can be seen in the reviews and with their high numbers of regular users.

Kasamba offers visitors the opportunity to look around their site without having to make a financial commitment. Visitors can take their time getting familiar with everything and feel comfortable before their tarot card reading or using one of the other services they offer. When you first start on your adventure to the unknown, it can seem daunting and confusing. The easy site navigation and friendly atmosphere at Kasamba is designed to put visitors at ease and feel relaxed while choosing the right psychic for their unique needs. Kasamba is a great friendly place for those new to tarot reading online.

Often users will form attachments to certain readers with whom they feel a strong connection. At Kasamba. You can see when your favorite psychic is available and make an appointment or send them a message for instant connections.

The work rates are also displayed, so you know just what the cost will be, allowing you to make the right choice of advisor. Rates go from $1.69 per minute to $25.99 or more.

Mysticsense – A Range Of Fully Certified, Experienced And Trusted Psychic Readers

(Click On Image To Visit MysticSense Website)

Mysticsense is based in Huston and offers a worldwide service. They only use genuine psychic advisors who specialize in a variety of areas such as tarot card reading, mental readings, horoscope readings, love and relationships, health, body and the spirit.


  • Mysticsense has a large range of highly qualified, motivated and truly genuine psychics dedicated to offering an uncompromised personal service.
  • The first 5 minutes are free. So you can be sure you have the right consultant and are comfortable with them before proceeding.
  • Great deals for first-timers and beginners with affordable prices and excellent value for money.
  • Positive and accurate future prediction and advice related to love and relationships
  • Consultations by phone or video chat for in-depth personalized readings and sessions.
  • Spiritual guidance and easy to understand accurate psychic readings.

If you’re looking for a wonderful variety of specializations, Mysticsense provides the opportunity for finding psychic of distinction and diversity. They screen all their operatives with great care to ensure you only deal with genuine psychics. At Mysticsense, they utilize their wide database to bring you a system of sophisticated filters and search algorithms, that allow you to quickly find the perfect match to suit your particular and unique requirements.

At this site, you can define exactly which areas you wish to know about. You can choose the direction of your search from finance and futures to personal relationships. Searchers can help you look for lost souls, departed friends or family, with gay relationships, toxic encounters, and future paths to avoid.

Because of the large number of available and experienced psychics associated with Mysticsense, visitors can always find a suitable psychic to cater to their needs without having to wait for a vacancy. If you prefer, you can make a booking with a particular psychic, you have developed an association or relationship with.

Sometimes visitors prefer anonymity, so at Mysticsense, they cater to your preferences, allowing individuals to keep their identity secret and use phone, email or chat, but you always have the option of switching to a face-to-face consultation. The comfort of the customer and their total satisfaction is the primary concern at this site.

AskNow – Highly Skilled Readers Available

(Click On Image To Visit AskNow Website)

AskNow uses an intense screening process for all of its psychic operators to ensure you get the very best from its wide-ranging network, giving you plenty of options. This very transparent site gives you access with a simple click to your tarot card reader’s profile, their experience, skills and specialties. You can also get all the reviews and ratings from their individual clients. It’s easy to find their work rates, working hours and methods, so you can make an informed decision on which of the highly experienced tarot reading psychic operators is best suited to you.


  • All the psychics are carefully screened, ensuring you are only dealing with fully, certified and experienced readers.
  • You can check the detailed profiles of the psychic, you are interested in.
  • An abundance of resources is available for beginners to ensure your experience is both pleasant and worthwhile.
  • Featuring an easy to use intuitive website, so you can quickly and easily find your way around.
  • They offer the first 5 minutes for free on all calls.
  • The new client rate is only $1 a minute.
  • Customer service covers 24/7.
  • A good range of specific categories, selecting and finding the right service for you is super easy.
  • Video chatting makes it much easier for you to express exactly what you require and ensures your reader understands you properly. This ensures a more accurate and detailed reading.

Types of reading available on AskNow:

  • Tarot reading
  • Love and Relationships
  • Money and finance
  • Careers and goals
  • Spiritual guides
  • Numerology
  • Astrology readings
  • Past lives
  • Dream analysis

It can be challenging to find the right psychic for your reading. AskNow has many years of experience as one of the top online tarot reading sites and makes sure your experience with them is comfortable and rewarding. They will help you with finding hints on your future journey or direction in life. Maybe you’re looking for help with closure or new relationships, troubled dreams or feeling insecure. Whatever your reason for wishing for an online reading, the highly talented and experienced readers at AskNow will be able to accommodate you from their pool of talent.

History of Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are thought to have originated in Northern Italy in the 14th century. The oldest sets of tarot cards known were made for the family of The Duke of Milan in about 1440. They were used to play tarocchi an Italian game similar to bridge. The images on the cards were probably inspired by carnival costumes. By the 18th century, the game had spread around most of Europe, in the South of France it was called tarot. Antoine Court de Gebelin linked the card to ancient Egyptian lore and suggested the symbols on the cards contained the God Thoth’s secret wisdom. This is thought to be the start of tarot card reading.

Jean-Baptiste Alliette known as Etteilla published his treatise on how tarot cards were actually divination tools. Many people started believing tarot symbols were connected to the Hebrew alphabet and the popular kabbalah, a Jewish mystical tradition. Others thought they were a Gypsy invention from ancient Egypt. The Rosicrucians and the Theosophical Society, two popular mystical groups in America about the 1900s, helped make tarot reading more acceptable.

There are two popular sets of tarot cards mainly used by tarot readers today. The Waite-Smith deck was created by A.E. Waite of the Golden Dawn, Hermetic Order as well as Pamela Colman Smith. The other deck, The Book of Thoth, was developed by the popular and talented Guru and Magician Aleister Crowley. These are now the industry standards for modern fortune-tellers.

There are many advantages of having an online tarot card reading, rather than a face-to-face reading.

Different Types Of Psychic Readings

The top psychic websites all provide a wide range of psychic readings in order to appeal to as many different tastes and requirements as possible. This gives them a vast audience and a large pool of high-quality, genuine psychics to cater for their clients.

Psychics, that read tarot cards, use them as tools to help interpret their natural or divine gifts. Others may use crystals, crystal balls, tea leaves or in the case of tribal medicine men sticks, figurines and feathers. The actual tools are not important, what is important is the reader’s ability to use their gifts. A simple search on Google for tarot reading near me will put you in touch with psychics in your area.

In a tarot card reading, the card, its position, the other cards around it and other factors such as the position of the planets at the time of the reading can all play a vital role in helping the reader as they rely on divination to provide the correct results.

An aura reader is able to feel a person’s aura and help them with problems of sickness or identity. Often people with unhealthy auras feel tired, lost, disorientated or drained. Having an aura reading can help a person understand the things they lack or need to do to regain their right path or perspective. An aura reading can help with physical, mental and emotional problems and guide a person back to health and increase productivity.

Dream analysis is able to help people who are concerned or worried about particular dreams. Some people are disturbed by their dreams and seek help in understanding them. Feeling weird or frightened by a dream can cause unnecessary stress. Some people suffer from recurring dreams and seek a meaning, so they can put the dream to rest. A Dreamweaver or professional dream catcher will help interpret dreams and allow a person to get in touch with the spirits or entity causing those bad, difficult or troublesome dreams. They can bring comfort to those who suffer from nightmares and recurring dreams.

Astrology readers usually rely on your true date of birth as this gives them the pattern of the planets at that time to help them interpret their gift of divination and how it relates to your short-term future and the horoscope. Many people scoff at the horoscope, this is largely because of the mass-produced horoscopes in newspapers and radio. An experienced psychic will give you a personalized and detailed horoscope that is much more accurate and helpful.

Through their gifts of divination, a genuine psychic medium can make a link to the supernatural world where they can feel and communicate with spirits. Their job is one of a translator between worlds. They can help bring closure and even help you to reconnect with lost spirits and loved ones. Often they can send and receive messages, allowing the departed to rest in peace and the living to carry on and cope with their losses. A psychic medium is often able to help those in grief and sorrow.

There are many people who have been born with psychic abilities and had the good fortune to help others. Some types of psychic abilities may not feel comfortable for different people, but there are always people who possess psychic skills that may be suitable. Researching the different options will give you many more choices, so you can find a psychic who can help you solve any problem you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I get in touch with a psychic?

Each session will be different. It’s a good idea before your first session to do some online research. If you feel uncomfortable when first encountering a psychic, try to explain your feelings to them so they can help you feel more comfortable by explaining the whole process to you.

The power of the tarot card is not in the cards, but in the reader’s ability to interpret the message they show. As the reading progresses, your tarot reader will explain the messages they are receiving from reading the cards. They may ask related questions to gain a deeper understanding and together, you will both learn the true meaning of the reading.

Why get a tarot card reading?

It provides a new or fresh perspective on your life or feelings. A reading will not give you a direct answer like what are the winning lotto numbers. What it will do is provide details and give ideas on how you can safely get through a difficult time ahead. It will help boost your confidence and act as a guide in troubled times. Readings help minimize future problems and build practical solutions.

How long is a tarot card reading?

The length of a session depends on what you want to learn from it. They can range from 15 minutes to an hour or more. Some issues are simple, while others may be much more complex, so take much more time and energy to sort out and read through.

Why should I get a tarot reading online?

  1. Online tarot card readers are more accessible; you can get to them from anywhere at any time as long as you have an internet connection or phone line.
  2. Most tarot card reading sites offer their clients an extensive selection of genuine psychic readers to choose from, so you have a much broader choice of services.
  3. These sites carefully screen their readers and only use high-quality, certified psychics to protect their customers and the site’s reputation.

Why not go to a parlor?

  1. Not all psychics are real, making it difficult to find an honest one in parlors.
  2. Online psychics are very carefully screened so you will not be cheated.
  3. Psychic parlors are unlikely to have the type of psychic specialist you require.


The advantages of online tarot card reading and other services are becoming more apparent, especially with the pandemic that’s affected almost everyone on the planet. Some people feel that having a complete stranger, even online, knowing about their private life and future is taking them away from their comfort zone. The professionals on online tarot reading sites are dedicated professionals who are very carefully screened to maintain your personal integrity.

Tarot card reading relies on a natural-born gift of divination that is carefully honed to reveal each reader’s unique specialties. Each card has a different meaning depending on how it was placed and which cards came before and after, weaving a new spiritual tapestry that is individual and unique.

With the use of any of these sites, you can find the right psychics with the ability to glimpse the future with the use of tarot cards to make predictions. These tools can be useful to help people feel more comfortable about the unknown.

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