‘Siya kaya ‘yung can save na ganoon’

‘Sa lahat ba naman, kami pa ‘yung magbibigay ng pera?’ presidential candidate says, responding to Marcos camp’s allegation that ‘yellows’ paid people to pretend they received money to attend a Marcos rally

Have you ever seen Vice President Leni Robredo wince in disgust because of a false accusation made against her?

If not, watch the video below where she responds to spokesperson Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s allegation that his side “planted” people at a Marcos rally to tell the media that they were paid to be there.

Robredo fired Marcos Jr. for his side’s latest lies about him when asked about it in a chance interview after the Election Commission’s second debate for presidential bets on Sunday, April 3. .

“Take Naman. Sa lahat ba naman, kami pa ‘yung magbibigay ng pera? Eh siya kaya ‘yung can save na ganoon, hindi kami, ” said the only presidential candidate who kept her cool while debunking the allegation.

(That’s really too much. Of all people, we’re supposed to be the ones giving the money? But he’s the one with that kind of track record, not us.)

Robredo hits Marcos camp's latest claim: 'Siya kaya 'yung may record na ganoon'

In recent weeks, reporters from several news outlets have already reported instances of money being handed over to people attending political rallies by Marcos Jr and his running mate, Davao Mayor Sara Duterte. Representatives and allies of Marcos Jr. and Duterte have denied this.

At Tarlac, ABS-CBN was able to interview attendees who admitted to going to the Marcos Jr.-Duterte tandem rally in exchange for P500s.

Asked for comment, Marcos’ spokesman Vic Rodriguez claimed the interviewee had been “planted by the scabs”, referring to the campaign color of the once-ruling Liberal Party (LP). Robredo chairs LP, but has decided to run as an independent presidential bet to be seen as a more unifying figure in the 2022 election.

Despite his supporters’ show of strength in his rallies across the provinces, Robredo remains a distant second place in the pre-election polls, which Marcos Jr. continues to dominate.

The son of the late dictator maintained his wide lead over all the other presidential candidates. Fact checks carried out by the Tsek.PH fact-checking initiative since the beginning of January 2022 have shown Robredo to be the main target of misinformation, which in turn benefits Marcos Jr. (READ: LIST: The fake statements by Bongbong Marcos regarding martial law on ‘Toni speaks’)

Her father, the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, was overthrown in the EDSA People Power Revolution of 1986, ending more than 20 years of tyranny marked by corruption and human rights abuses. But the Marcoses have successfully returned to politics since then, using their money and machines in their bid to revise history and sanitize their image through online disinformation networks. – Rappler.com

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