List to Last to launch a game show on Boise, the ID housing market


A new game show that plays on Treasure Valley’s tight housing market is hitting Idaho’s airwaves and the show’s creators are actively seeking local residents to participate.

The show is called List to Last and features five of Treasure Valley’s top real estate agents and Idahoans looking to sell their homes. Show creator August Johnson said that throughout the show, agents will have to guess at the home’s predetermined market value.

The three agents with the closest guesses will move on to the second round where the seller selects an agent to list their home based on personality and market knowledge.

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‘Shark Tank-style’

“So the first round is basically designed to weed out agents who may not be familiar with the type of housing or the submarket the house is in,” Johnson explained. “So that’s kind of the intention of the first round, and then the second round is a bit more of a Shark Tank style with questions and answers.”

Johnson says one of the perks of being a star seller is that List to Last will cover the costs of a staging company, in-home warranty, and a photographer. He adds that they are particularly looking for people who own a unique property or a luxury home.

“Ideally for the show, interesting homes would be more interesting to see on TV, which you know lends itself to more upscale and more luxurious homes, but we know that won’t always happen. So at this point we’re just trying to find any seller who sees the value proposition and what we’re offering. “

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As for which channel the show will air on, Johnson says it’s still ongoing, but it will be a local Idaho channel. List to Last will also be broadcast online. The first episode will debut in August.

If you are selling your home and are interested in being at the show, click here.

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