How Powell Feed and Milling grew its business by improving its online presence

It was effortless, and I now know that products are added to our site monthly as NMR adds them to their database.

—Cassie Patten

GREEN FOREST, ARKANSAS, USA, June 14, 2022 / — Powell feed and milling is a family-run livestock feed manufacturer based in Green Forest, Arkansas. Launched in 1942, the business has grown to include four feed mills and 13 retail outlets. Powell Feed and Milling prides itself on delivering what its customers want, when they want it. This means offering a full-service farm shop, supplying everything from livestock and pet food to fencing and hardware.

Business challenges

After more than 80 years of service, Powell Feed and Milling has built up a large and loyal customer base in the livestock feed industry. Recently, Marketing Manager Cassie Patten found that they were struggling to maintain and update products on their website. The day-to-day demands of running a successful business meant they didn’t have time to remove outdated products, change product images, and add new ones.

“Customers found products through a search on the website and entered the store looking for the product. Because the site was outdated, we had to turn them away or interest them in a similar product. It just wasn’t not a good situation,” Patten said. said.

Patten and his team constantly went back and removed obsolete products as they arose. This caused unnecessary and unsustainable stress on their people and their resources.

The solution

After consulting Powell Feed and Milling, it became clear that New Media Retailer had the solution. New Media Retailer’s upgraded e-commerce platform could maintain an accurate product list, including adding new products as they arise. New Media Retailer (NMR) and Powell Feed and Milling had established a working partnership, so implementing the new solution didn’t take long.

NMR has migrated its online content to a new website integrating UPCs into Powell Feed and Milling’s POS system. This means they now have an up-to-date view of current inventory on their website.

“It was effortless, and I now know that products are added to our site every month as NMR adds them to their database,” Patten said.


It didn’t take long after launching the new website to see the tangible difference it made in the business. Patten has seen a noticeable increase in sales, foot traffic, and leads on the website.

Now our catalog is easy to browse and better represents our products“Patten said.

In the past four months alone, Powell Feed and Milling has added 600 products to its website without store management. Their POS platform’s UPC codes are matched in the system, so their online catalog grows as new products are added to the database.

Patten believes NMR’s expertise in e-commerce platforms has made a tangible difference to the business.

“They continue to improve our technology and help us perform better online, while making it easier for those of us in store!”


Powell Feed and Milling is a family-owned livestock feed manufacturer struggling to keep its catalog online. They built on their established partnership with New Media Retailer to migrate to a new website that could integrate with the product database. This new approach immediately made a huge difference in key business metrics.

Powell Feed and Milling now have peace of mind knowing their online catalog will always be accurate with the reliable help of New Media Retailer.

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