County Unveils Proposed Residential Road Resurfacing List for 2022-23 | Local News

The county’s public works department has released the list of residential roads to be redone with gas tax money.

The list includes 170 roads targeted for resurfacing in fiscal year 2023, which begins October 1, 2022 and ends September 30, 2023.

Staff are asking that $6 million of the $9.1 million in gas tax revenue be directed to resurfacing projects, including $800,000 from the Citrus Springs MSBU.

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County commissioners will discuss the list at their Tuesday meeting which begins at 1 p.m. at the Citrus County Courthouse, 110 N. Apopka Ave., Inverness.

Once approved, staff will put the project out to competition by October 1 so that resurfacing can begin as soon as possible.

County Administrator Randy Oliver said the $6 million was the maximum amount to include in the next fiscal year (2022-23). County commissioners have yet to approve the method of funding that $6 million. Funding for the current year is $4 million.

The county’s scoring system is calculated on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the worst). Any road rated 7 or higher is placed on a list for future resurfacing.

This list is then sorted by density, from highest to lowest. Density is the number of houses per foot of road. The current year’s resurfacing list will begin with the densest pavement and continue until the budget amount for that year has been allocated.

The county inspects and assesses each county-owned local road every two years.

In addition to the Gas Tax funded roads, some funds from the Citrus Springs Municipal Service Delivery Unit (MSBU) are used to specifically resurface seven roads in Citrus Springs, which accounts for 25% of the roads County.

In fiscal year 2019, the county removed $8.9 million in gasoline tax. In 2020 it was $8.8 million and for 2021 it was $9.1 million.

But not all of that $9.1 million will be used for road resurfacing.

How it works

Colleen Scott, the county’s director of management and budget, said the $9.1 million in gas tax revenue collected in fiscal year 2021 is broken down this way:

– Road resurfacing: $4 million

– Small Counties Outreach Program (SCOP) Resurfacing: $1.6 million (75% Florida Department of Transportation and 25% county match).

– Road maintenance: $1.7 million (includes right-of-way mowing, traffic light maintenance, road signs, etc.

– Debt service payments: $1.8 million.

Scott said there were delays in some projects and they were carried over to the current year.

How to check your route

Citrus County maintains over 1,500 miles of paved local roads for the public. Paved roads generally need to be resurfaced every 20 to 25 years depending on the type of material used for construction and the intensity of their use.

To view the proposed 2022-23 road resurfacing list, visit

For your road condition rating, visit the County Pavement Rating Map at

The county’s current road resurfacing list will soon be posted on the county commission’s website. Until then, you can call the Engineering Division at (352) 527-5446.

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