107 years of history and a very promising future

In a world that seems to change more and more on a daily basis, over the past 107 years one thing has remained constant – The National Herald providing its readers with the news that matters to them every day.

The National Herald was founded in 1915 to support Prime Minister Eleftherios Venizelos, who was a member of the Greek diaspora, because when he was born Crete was not yet part of Greece and was still under Ottoman rule. Since then, wars, famines, natural disasters and everything imaginable have taken place – and yet here we are, 107 years later, still together.

The sense of responsibility and commitment to the entire Greek community, worldwide, is felt today more than ever. As Greeks, we all carry a historical weight imposed on us by our ancestors because of the greatness of their achievements. The Greeks who left the shores of Greece and traveled the world have performed miracles and changed the planet over the past 107 years, and what’s also amazing is that these monumental achievements can be traced right here on the pages of the National Herald’s.

Having the honor of being the historical newspaper or the catalog of Greeks in the Diaspora is not a given – it requires the commitment of the newspaper’s staff, their families, enthusiastic and demanding readers and supportive advertisers. To all of you in each of these categories, I can only say a heartfelt and heartfelt thank you. I am so proud of the work done on a daily basis here at the newspaper and I hope to make you, our readers, proud of your newspaper. For a Greek-language newspaper headquartered in New York, not just surviving, but thriving for 107 years is nothing short of a miracle. I can only express my sincere gratitude for the hard work and sacrifices made by all who were in my position as co-editor and editor before me, and I would like to thank the longest-serving editor and editor of the history of our newspaper. , Antonis Diamataris.

I was lucky enough to grow up in the home of Litsa and Antonis Diamataris where, unknowingly, I was educated about my current position by listening to table conversations. I also had a role model sister in Vanessa who, as you have all seen, took the English version of our newspaper to a whole new and positive level. My Aunt Veta, whom many of you have no doubt contacted by telephone, continues tirelessly to bring announcements to our newspaper and to connect with businesses and individuals and take full advantage of these contacts. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the courage and vision of Petros Tatanis, the founder of our journal, and the dedication of our talented colleagues in the United States, Greece, Cyprus and around the world who struggle to keep Petros Tatanis’ vision alive.

For you, our readers, three years ago in 2019, when my sister and I took over our journals, we made a commitment to honor our past, improve the present, and dream of the future. Three years later, our newspapers have fully entered the digital age with two new websites, an increased social media presence and increased video content. Thank you for your continued trust, subscriptions, advertisements and support. It is our honor to serve you and to serve Hellenism wherever it may be. Thank you from the heart. I am convinced that the best is yet to come. Happy birthday to our Ethnikos Kirikas, The National Herald, and here comes the next 107 years!

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